Sunday, 22 May 2016

paris, 1984

trousers - zara (old)

sunglasses - giant vintage

To my dismay, I was unfortunately not even born in the 80's, let alone old enough to properly understand the decade. Not that I expect everybody to have been walking around wearing chunky shoulder pads or spandex neon sportwear, but I completely looooooove the music and fashion of the time (or at least what I've heard about it...) So when I saw this top on the brandy website, I was 100% in love already. Plus the font... so whimsical, it reminded me of the kooples' logo, and marina and the diamonds (and my own blog header, who am I kidding pshh. #narcisstic).

But my favourite thing... absolutely nothing happened in paris, in 1984. I love the kitsch randomness of the whole thing. I wore it with zara striped trousers and MY MOST FAVOURITE SUNGLASSES EVER EVER EVER. Famously sported by the ever insanely awesome kurt cobain, (p.s - please watch the kurt documentary on netflix! <3) audrey hepburn, and more recently harry styles (?) they are the perfect mod shape, and I'm in love. I found them on giant vintage, the vintage sunglasses haven. Have a lil scroll, thank me later. 

I'm listening to: 

Esme x

(if you're doing exams, alllll the love n luck from me <3 )


  1. I love love love those trousers, they're so groovy/funky (i sound like a middle aged dad) and those sunglasses? daaammmnnn Esme

  2. I have similar trousers from Topshop nd they're gorggggg, u look smokin Esme - especially the slogan tee, I think it's hard to find a tshirt with a year we were acc born in haha

  3. I too really love t shirts like this with completely random words on them, also the sunglasses are such an awesoomme shape!!

  4. You're top is such amazing! And I'm a little bit like you; the music and the look in the 80's were gorgous! x

    Valérie |

  5. cute outfit i love your pants! :)

  6. i loooooooove this entire outfit and ngl i've been looking for those sunglasses for months, thank you haha!!

    Edie x

  7. You've got a really unique style, I especially love the trousers they suit you so well! I feel like I could pick up some great fashion tips from you the more I read haha :) X

  8. Love the top! x
    Morgan |

  9. I love your style and this outfit looks lovely :)

    What Sarah Writes

  10. sweet outfit and luv ya glasses! x

  11. Really nice outfit. I absolutely love your sunglasses :D
    Mia x |

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