Sunday, 30 August 2015

among the olive groves

I've just come back to rainy London after a last minute holiday to Tuscany, and it was absolutely stunning. I've put together some outfits for y'all (I've learnt it's much harder to get a GIGANTIC tripod through airport security then you think ;) ) so I hope you like all the Tuscan posts coming your way!

top - zara

shorts - topshop

necklace - tiny shop in mallorca

So I spotted this gorgeous bardot top in a Zara a while back and had to get it. It's a lovely pattern but I especially love the way it the fabric falls when you put it on. It's also really light and silky which makes it a great beach cover up. And its off the shoulder so how could I resist?! ;) The shorts are your average ripped white cotton ones, but pretty sturdy. Of course, I still have the age old problem of getting your feet stuck in the rips (ATTENTION RIPPED JEAN MAKERS - PLEASE MAKE RIPPED JEANS WHICH DONT GET YOUR FEET STUCK IN THE HOLES WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO PUT THEM ON?! JUST ME?!) but if you know me you know that my usual uniform is ripped black skinnies so I'm fairly well practiced in the art of avoiding the holes! The necklace is a little mother of pearl star which is subtle and delicate, and I thought complimented the outfit fairly well.

What do you think? I'd love to hear!

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(Halsey just released her debut album, Badlands, so I'm listening to anything on that! <3)

Esme x