Monday, 21 December 2015

things I really really really need but could not pull off

A weird looking wish list post full of things I really absolutely cannot afford/pull off but really absolutely want. The struggle.

Firstly, a The Whitepepper dress I saw on Ellie's post which is SO COOL. The ultimate party dress (plus it's got that messy oversized thing going on - pair with a knit over the top for casual cool or style them up with some sparkly lurex socks for some festive glitter).  And the sheer bit at the hem...bahrhhwjejwo

My love for Shrimps is yet to cease and I think this bottle green coat is super cool. Ahhhh winter coats, how I adore you. The pink collar is just beautiful and it's all faux fur of course! Full marks Shrimps.

And lastly, the most affordable one (my bank account sighs in relief) A jumper with french bulldog elbow patches, because french bulldogs on your elbows is an absolute necessity. ASOS has got it right.

Merry 4-days-until-christmas!

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