Tuesday, 28 January 2014

haim, bookworms, kigu and facemasks

Howdy! Sorry neglecting of my blog, it is hard to balance learning how to multiply negative x (I officially HATE algebra...) and blogging. Anyway, life goes on. So, what have I been up to lately? The truth is, not much. At all. Which is kinda awkward seeing as this whole blog is about what I'm up to. Sorry about that.

I absolutely love HAIM. To all you non-HAIM obsessed people out there, HAIM is an indie band from LA. They are completely different to everything I listen to, which is really why I like them. .

I am a self-confessed bookworm. I love reading, only if I've got a good book though. So the book I've been reading recently is The Book Thief, by Markus Zuask. It is tense, sad, funny and generally amazing. It's tense funny and sad, and narrated by Death (yes, Death)

I don't actually have a onesie (I have "permanently borrowed" my sister's...) but I have been recommended to get one so many of billions of times. Then my friend told me about a certain website called Kigu. They do the cutest ones ever and I have set my heart on a certain giraffe one, and a unicorn one too. They are literally adorable.  Check out the Kigu website by clicking here.

I am addicted to Lush products. Lately I have discovered an amazing face mask called BB SEAWEED. It's avaliable in all shops in the UK. It's got rose, seaweed, and much more goodness for your skin. So next time you're grabbing bath bombs, why not try a facial too?