Tuesday, 9 December 2014

gift guide for her

The lyrics that Mariah Carey sung went "I don't care about the presents under the Christmas Tree". Sure, I'd much rather meet my true love than get a small gift, but everybody likes a present! If you've run out of ideas to put on your wish list, or you're stuck for a present for your mum/sister then try the ones I've compiled below. I've mixed in a few high budget products with the cheaper secret santa ones, just in case you're looking for something a little more special. (Jo Malone Bath Oil anybody? yes please...)

(from top left)

Topshop Cat Phone Case (£8) --- Perfect for any cat lovers. I love the see through plastic, when you put it on your phone it looks exactly like the cats are printed onto your phone, and who doesn't want cats on their phone?

Cath Kidston Mini hand cream trio (£6) -- I do love myself a bit o' Cath Kidston every once in a while, a small burst of vintagey floral goodness can do more than you think it can. This mini hand cream trio is handbag sized and I love the cath kidston floral scents.

Jo Malone Bath Oil in Orange Blossom (£40) -- I wouldn't even look at this if you don't have a higher budget, you'd fall in love and cry over how you can't  afford it *sobs melodramatically* It smells pretty incredible and screams luxury, with the distinctive Jo Malone packaging. Perfect for splashing out on for a wonderful present for a special person.

Asos Festive Sock Bauble (£5) -- How cute is this! I love these socks and the packaging is pretty cool too. They are relatively cheap, and afterwards why not fill up your bauble with pompoms and hang it on your tree like Caroline did? (It looked so cute)

Diptyque Candle in Baies (£40 / £20) -- Diptyque candles are my absolute favourite. Again, they're definitely pretty luxurious but they're famous for being fabulously fragrant and beautiful. (Apparently Naomi Campbell has her dressing room filled with 25 of them! It's probably rumour though...)

Rookie Yearbook One (£36 hardback, £16 paperback) -- I'm not a completely regular Rookie reader, although I have a look occasionally and I love what it stands for. (feminism, etc.) This might not be quite as well fitted for a mum, although I know teen and twenties love Rookie.

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