Tuesday, 20 September 2016

WHERE have you been all summer Esme?!

... is a good question, the answer of which not even I am sure of. If swimming with mermaids or taking transfiguration lessons isn't a satisfactory answer, I suppose I'd have to say...

  • going to BAAAAALIIIIIIIII - which is an utterly gorgeous and breathtaking world of natural beauty. I find it's easy to become very close minded when surrounded with the same work, lessons, problems and people. Going to new places and experiencing a way of life so insanely different to one you're used to broadens your horizons. THERES'S MORE TO LIFE THAN QUALIFICATIONS, KIDS. Also, it is just mind-numblingly stunning, serene and tropical. White, perfect beaches, manta rays, rockpooling, smoothies galore? SIGN ME UP. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

  • collaging. I have made more collages and scrapbook pages than Kim K has worn bodycon dresses, which is to say, a lot.

  • taking photos on disposable cameras, all summer long. I have quite a collection now, mostly of my friends being dorkish and lovely around the city, which is super special and glorious memories and golden days and all that jazz. I've really enjoyed getting them developed too, nothing equals the feeling of being given a wedged envelope of photos you took weeks ago, and rifling through them,  specific moments and places in time all immortalised in a hazy, filtered summer daze.

  • researching, which may seem like an odd thing to do during summer, but has been completely fascinating. I've been educating myself via the reliable means of wikipedia (lols) and many thick and yellowed books (intellectual or what hur hur hur), on old feminist movements like the suffragettes, racist issues issues currently in America, and of course, the riot grrl movement in California a few decades ago. more to come on all that later, my loves!

  • mourning the maccabees. fairly self explanatory. I'm still healing.

  • Immersing myself in the harry potter books and films, for the seventeeth million time. I am obsessed (and I'm also a Gryffindor and Thunderbird, for those interested <3)

  • buying ethically, and fashion-ing more than ever. perhaps not very well, but I'm making more of a significant effort to broaden my personal style boundaries than ever... which means more fashion posts to come!

What have you been up to? I want to know. Talk to me, and my apologies, again, for the extended "hiatus". I need to start posting regularly, I know. <3

I'm listening to:

Esme xx

P.S - I seem to have also managed to completely avoided/ continue to avoid the fashion weeks?! NOt intentionally, but I have. what an awful excuse for a 'fashion blogger' I am. whoops.