Saturday, 22 February 2014

30 facts about me tag

G'day! (I've gone all Aussie!) Today I will be doing the 30 facts about me tag

1. I love foreign food. (sushi, dim sum, noodles etc.)

2.  I am a bookworm and love reading.

3. Today I am wearing bright blue nail polish from Topshop called "Celestial"

4. I am UTTERLY obsessed with Modern Family.

5. I have watched all the Friends series multiple times.

6. Beyonce is my queen (quoting Tyler Oakley haha)

7. I love Disney.

8. I have a fujifilm instax mini polaroid, which I love so much

9. Tartan is one of my favourite layering prints

10. When I'm older, I wanna be a vet.

11. I am completely and utterly in love with Lush, and have half the shop in my bathroom!

12. When I'm older, I want to live in the countryside (after living in NY for a while, but I know that will probably never happen)

13. My hair is longish and a browny reddish colour which I would love to call auburn, but is probably more like mousy brown.

14.  I live in my onesie. Which is difficult as I'm a fashion blogger :)

15. Brandy Melville does great jewellery (this isn't a fact but I think their jewellery is understated ahaha)

16. I have an adorable dog called Dolly.

17. I have tumblr, pinterest, bloglovin and twitter.

18. "There is no such thing as impossible. Even the word says "I'm possible!"- Audrey Hepburn

19. I would have loved to have met Marilyn Monroe :(

20. In case you didn't know, my name is spelt Esme, and pronounced es-may NOT es-mee!

21. My highest flappy bird score is 38... which is pretty bad considering a friend got 106!!!

22. My favourite flowers are probably lily of the vallies

23. When I was really small I thought my heart was actually this shape <3

24. I am desperately trying to learn how to knit properly

25. I've been to LA

27. Chocolate milkshakes are better than oreo ones. (Oreo is too sweet!!!!)

28. I like the band HAIM

29. My music taste is super varied but you can always find what I'm listening to on Spotify.

30. Done :)