Tuesday, 8 December 2015

the pinafore post

 I'm caught up in a all consuming whirlwind of festive christmassy activity (we're even buying the dog a christmas jumper... things have got serious) and I can't be bothered to shoot a whole new outfit post so I thought I'd FINALLY put up a post on an outfit I shot a long time ago... I hope you enjoy it!

(please excuse the very un-festive leafy green background - I shot this two seasons ago whoops)

top - topshop (similar)

pinafore - topshop

I'm wearing head-to-toe trusty Topshop, including my dream pinafore. Burgundy + corduroy = I'm in. I've had this hybrid funnel neck/turtleneck top for a while, and it's perfect for any dungarees and dresses. Simple, perhaps even minimalistic but I rather like it. I've also been a bit wary of pinafores, I used to think of them as the muffin of the dress world. Not quite as pretty as the cupcakey dresses, a sad, un-iced imitation. (except blueberry muffins, love a good blueberry muffin) My previous experience of them had been itchy grey school-y looking type things, until I stumbled across this one, when my opinions of pinafores completely changed. I love the feel of the velvety corduroy fabric, instant 70's. (and we all know how obsessed I am with the 70's, fashion and all) Although my usual uniform of black ripped skinny jeans has to be abandoned for this outfit, I think I've finally found a dress type thing nice enough to substitute for my many pairs. It's also perfect for that season transitioning period, the autumny plums go perfectly with a nice green if you're going for a festive, wintery colour palette.


  1. Aw my god you have the best style!! I love that top, would look so lovely under a dress like you said xo



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