Sunday, 13 December 2015

cologne christmas markets

My cousin lives in Cologne, Germany, which also happens to be Christmas market capital of the world. My mum, knowing that I am probably the most festive person you'll ever meet, thought we should go over for a long weekend, the perfect time to give each other our Christmas presents, browse the markets, drink hot chocolate and generally bask in the ohmygod-its-christmas-soon feels.

So there are around six main Christmas markets in Cologne, and the first one we went to was next to the tube stop "Rudolfplatz" (I'm not even joking). Lots of them are, naturally, full of tat and random odd Christmas ornaments, but I thought that made it even more fun - all the good things had to be found, like at car boot sales. Michael Buble's Christmas album was blaring out of the speakers (classic) and it was candy cane galore. (Basically Christmas heaven).

This one was called the "Angel Christmas Market' and had the cutest paper stars strung throughout the trees.

They're full of lots of lovely handcrafted tree decorations, and a few really weird ones. (gherkin bauble, anyone?) We got some chocolate, some felt tree decorations and tried some german snacks.

As for Cologne itself, it was wonderful. We had a look into some really cool independent shops down a street called Ehrenstra├če, which reminded me of a German version of The Lanes in Brighton. I bought some sunglasses (absolute necessity in December, Esme), and a notebook to add to my ever growing collection.

After drinking about six gallons of hot chocolate, we flew back home to a very Christmassy London. (carnaby street, you're looking fineee)

Happy 12 sleeps till Christmas! I hope this has got you feeling festive.

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  1. this is so cute! i love all of your photos, i'd love to visit! x

  2. Looks beautiful! I am really loving your blog right now by the way, do you wnat to support each others blogs? Please let me know and I'll follow you right back :)
    -Morgan x

  3. awww so jealous <33


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