Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I'm actually a mermaid

blue stone ring - gift

bracelet - vietnam (my sister bought it for me <3)

flash tattoo - lulu dk

Firstly, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GORGEOUS JUMPER?! It's from the goddesses at Hannah Beth Fincham, and isn't it just amazing?! The words are actually embroidered on in the most beautiful iridescent blue purple thread which the camera really doesn't do justice. These boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters are actually Levi's and their loose but flattering fit have made them a regular staple in my wardrobe. Despite the fact I've worn them countless times, I still haven't managed nail that "I've just thrown these on and look effortlessly cool but casual at the same time" look - I end up more "I'm wearing oversized jeans and look a bit weird and scruffy". Ah well, at least I have something to work on. If you like it, wear it. I know that this outfit is fairly simple (it is after all, a sweatshirt and jeans!) but I really like this jumper - what do you think?

I've jumped on the Flash Tat bandwagon, try one out - they last for ages and end up looking really cool. Plus its so fab looking down at your wrist and seeing gold sparkly fabulousness for much less of the price of a real gold piece of jewellery - win win situation, absolutely genius.

What do you think of my outfit?

I'm listening to: (longer today, I've been listening to lots!)

Esme x


  1. Love this post and obviously love the tattoos!! (The jumper is omg)

    Xx Sofia

  2. omg that jumper is so cool, i love it XD

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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  3. nice look, loving your rings! so pretty


  4. I love the nail polish, flash tattoo and the jumper <3

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart
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  5. That sweater it's so funny !

    1. Thank you Carina! I'm a sucker for a funny jumper, and this one is super cosy too! xxx

  6. Super cute as always, the jumper is gorgeous!

    Edie x

  7. Need need NEED this jumper oh my! Your flash tattoos are super cute too!
    Dalal x

    1. It's certainky a statement jumper! Thank you so much Dalal xx

  8. Wowieee... the jumper is amaze i may actually purchase this!! Your outfit pics are really nice!

    1. Thanks very much! You definitely should it's super cosy and quite eye catching! xx


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