Wednesday, 22 July 2015

summer favourites

Summer really is well and truly here. Finally, the long, dazed and hazy days filled with dreamy beaches, balmy weather and laziness have arrived. Over the past few months as the temperature has been rising, I've been trying out a few new products for summer and here is the cream of the crop.

On a trip to Spain I popped in Victoria's Secret at the airport, because I'd heard the hype about their fragrance mists. After a long time sampling almost all of them (I smelt like a peculiar mix of sugar, spice, and lily of the valley) I picked out Aqua Kiss. This is definitely my summer scent, it's so fresh and reminds me of poolside days. It's described as "Rain-kissed freesia & daisy" which I completely agree with. It's gentle and refreshing yet calming. Perfect for a sandy summer. The scent doesn't last for ages though, so expect to need touch ups.

It was my birthday recently, and I was given these beauties. To me, chocolate truffles signify utter luxury and decadence, and I have thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through these! They really are little chocolate sized pockets of goodness. I warn you though, whilst Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are known for being exceptionally delicious, the price makes these a very rare treat!

I've never really been one for lip crayons, I guess the idea of a hybrid lip balm and lipstick never appealed to me. I picked this one up on the Rimmel counter at Boots, and for some unexplainable reason I felt like I really wanted it. I am SO glad that I bought it! It's the Rimmel Lasting Fininsh Colour Rush Lip Crayon. I wanted a subtle "my lips but better" colour which just enhanced my lips whilst still making them look natural. I chose the shade 710 "Drive Me Nude" which doesn't have the most appealing packaging colour, but it absolutely stunning on. It isn't drying, has the slightest shimmer and last for absolutely ages. Perfect if you want a small swipe of colour which isn't too noticeable.

This is Soap & Glory's "The Fab Pore" mask. I've lusted after this one for so long, so when my friend gave it to me you can imagine my excitement! It really didn't disappoint. After one use it has become my go to face mask and rightly so! The formula makes it creamy and moisturising but not too gloopy or sticky. The scent is very fresh and light, not for everybody but I really like it. I get blackheads and occasional breakouts, and this has completely cleared all of that up. It unclogs my pores, gets rid of any nasty spots and is generally all round great. New favourite!

My summer nail favourite is this bright orange Essie number called "Vermillionaire" (full marks for the punny name, Essie!) I love Essie for their easy application, smooth formula and gorgeous shades. As usual, this one didn't disappoint. I've seen bright orangey nails everywhere recently, and for good reason! They're lovely for a bit of fun colour and pull together any outfit. 

That's that for my summer favourites! I know a marble background is quite a blogger cliche but I didn't have another option and it ended up looking quite good!
Have you tried any of this? What do you think?


  1. Great choices! I love the colour of the nail polish - perfect for summer!

    Josie :) x

  2. The aqua mist body spray sounds like the perfect sent for summer. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. It's really lovely and light, perfect for a quick spritz! xx

  3. i'm desperate to try those fancy truffles! x

    1. They really are delicious - very fancy and expensive though! I went into the Oxford Street Lush today, and you really were right - it's GINMORMOUS! Bought a few bits and bobs xx

    2. I love rimmels lip crayons too! I have two - one like yours and one a leeeeetle less sensible 😍

  4. love this post and everything in itttttt


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