Wednesday, 22 April 2015

bunch of carrots

My latest Lush bath buy is this veerrryyy sweet little bunch of carrots. Yes, I do know that it's not Easter anymore, but some Lush shops still sell these beauties (I picked mine up a few days ago).
(Before you watch it, let me apologise for the quality of the video, I think it's pretty obvious that my one-handed camera skills are not impressive haha)

They smelt like a floral citrus, and made my bath smell pretty good too. The colour they turned the bath water was disappointing, as I was hoping for a brighter orange like the carrots themselves, but they turned the water a dirtyish yellow/orange. If you can bear the weird water, I'd certainly recommend them. They weren't that cheap (£5.99 for a bunch of three) but each carrot is reusable. The shop assistant told me I'd get around 7 baths out of each, and after using one the other day I'd say perhaps even more. It made mountains of scented bubbles with only a few strokes in the water, which I thought was quite impressive.

Have you tried these dinky carrots? What did you think?

I'm listening to: champagne supernova - oasis

Esme x


  1. I have these - they smell goooorgeous. It was so nice seeing you the other day, I was like to my friend 'ITS ESME MADELINE' haha x

    1. I know, aren't they sweet? It was so cool seeing you! I loved the California post pictures by the way, very cute xx

  2. the bunch of carrots are so cute! i love the smell of them too x

    1. Thanks Ellie! Yes they smell so good! I love Lush's scents, they nail it every time x


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