Wednesday, 3 September 2014

diy make up brush holder

 My dressing table is cluttered and messy, and needs a big dose of TLC so I thought I'd brighten it up with a diy make up brush holder. I think it looks super cute and for once my dressing table is a little more spacious!

You'll probably need:
a glue stick
a sheet of decorative paper
a jar big enough to fit the brushes in 

To start with measure the length of the jar against the paper. Mark it with a pen. Cut the piece out, cutting lengthways across the paper.

Roll the piece up like a scroll, and slip into the jar as shown above.

Your jar should look roughly like this.

Fold over where the ends of the paper meet (as indicated by the arrow)

Your jar should look like this. 

Carefully remove the paper from the jar. Lay it out on a flat surface and glue the creased section of the paper.

Roll the paper back up into the jar, like before. Secure any bits of loose paper with glue.

You can now fill the inside with sand or glitter for extra hold, but I didn't bother.

Your make up brush holder is now complete :) 
I love the look of mine, I really like the pattern on the paper. You can also use this jar as a desk tidy or pen pot, or it would look niceas a container in the kitchen.

Esme x

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