Tuesday, 19 August 2014

bits and bobs from Canada

I have spent most of summer away in Canada, which is why there were so few blog posts (sorryyyyy) but am now back. In Canada, I couldn't resist picking up some pieces and here is what I brought home.

First up there was naturally a trip to Target because who can resist a trip to Target?! (They don't have Targets in the UK, and I got excited at the thought of Canadian/American lip glosses, nail varnishes stationary, etc...) I had to pick up a few bits for school, and I thought these folders were really pretty.

This notepad (also from Target, haha) caught my eye and I couldn't resist the adorable chilli on the front.

Then I went to Bath and Body Works and got this mini candle in Japanese Cherry Blossom. It's scent is quite faint but really relaxing and it was reasonably cheap.

And of course, you can't leave Bath and Body works without one of their famous hand sanitisers! I got perfect beach day, mailbu sunset and costal surf and sun. I also got a holder for them (I was excited, ok?) in the shape of a cute turtle.

Eos in the UK cost so much and are pretty rare, so when I saw this pink one (strawberry sorbet) in an average supermarket for the equivalent of £1, of course I bought it!

Hurraw lip balms are like eos in the UK, so I got 4. They're definitely the most nourishing and the best for your lips.


Esme x

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