Friday, 22 August 2014

bag loving - what's in mine

Bags. The amount I have is pretty crazy, and I love them all. I'm always carrying around one, which is packed full of an assortment of bits and pieces, and I thought I'd show you.

Company is a regular staple in my bag. Full of interesting interviews style inspiration, beautiful clothes and trends. Plus, it promotes bloggers!

Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
Since Canada this hand gel hasn't left my bag. Best of all, it doesn't dry out your hands as so many of them do and the scent lasts for ages.

My phone

 I use mine mostly for listening to music or going on tumblr, pinterest etc...

My purse
 I've had this purse for years. It's from Accessorize and although it's completely battered and worn (NEW PURSE ALERT NEW PURSE ALERT) it is pretty sturdy and has zips to keep loose change, which I always find more useful than push clips.

I love... strawberries and cream body spritzer
Ohmygawd this stuff smells good. It's not for everyone as it's quite sweet (not too sickly though - more gentle) and smells like candy floss, but I love using it. It's a body spritzer and super uplifting and I find if you spray it onto newly brushed hair, the scent wafts around you all day.

A good book

I am a huge bookworm and can't stand not having a good book with me. I usually carry one in my bag, just in case I'm ever caught in a waiting room or similar with nothing to do.

A nourishing lip balm/gloss

(Sorry for the creepy effect, the camera went weird haha) I always find these useful. The baby lips range by Maybelline is ok, although I prefer their no-tint balms to the tinted ones. This is usually somewhere in my bag, as I think (especially in winter and autumn) it's important to keep your lips nourished and healthy to prevent chapping and soreness.

A notebook and pen

This green moleskin notebook is my blogging book, which is full of post ideas, (badly drawn) layout sketches, usernames, ideas, magazine clippings, mini mood boards and inspiration. 

These mints are great. I got these ones in Thailand (that's why the link is a little strange) and they are perfect pocket size. The dispenser is in the shape of a maze and super cute too.


     Esme x

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