Thursday, 19 March 2015

spring at home + snoop around my room

A weird hybrid lifestyle type post today. I'm very nosy, and I love looking around people's rooms, and our house is currently drenched in flowers which means I've been taking plenty of photos. I thought why not mash the two together, so this is a sort of "Spring around the house / room tour /snooping around" type post.  I have a bunch of daffodils by my bedside table and they smell gorgeous (I had a dream I was in a wood full of daffodils a few nights ago - it's quite strong!)

We also have some narcissi (basically tiny daffodils) in the kitchen. They look beautiful against the marble.

 I'm a sucker for quotes of any kind, and I saw these postcards in Paperchase the other day and had to buy them. My plan is to put them in glass-less frames and hang them on my walls.

THIS CANDLE SMELLS DAMN AMAZING. It's from Urban Outfitters, and was £6. I think it's called Prosecco. It's fruity with a little floral mixed in, and so refreshing. I think it's the perfect transition for winter to spring, because it isn't too dark and cinnamony and it's not too floral. The packaging and design on the outside is super cute too.

My windowsill consists of candles (the one above has been constantly burning lately), shells which my Grandpa gave to me, and a small cardboard box where I keep anything from jewellery to trinkets.

Bit of a disorganised post today, but I loved taking these pictures and wanted to include them all.
Outfit and travel posts to come later!

Esme x

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