Tuesday, 2 December 2014

winter pamper evenings

I love a good pamper evening. It sounds so cliche, and conjures images of rows of girls lying on the floor with cucumber over their eyes and barbie pink nails, but I really do love them. In the winter I do them more often than not, and I wanted to share my routine with you. They're a perfect remedy to that "It's Sunday ugh school/work tomorrow" feeling or just when you need a bit of pepping up.

Set the mood
You can't be relaxed in a room with dazzling white lights! I turn all my lights off and light my tea lights, candles and switch on my fairy lights. (excuse the pot plant, there's no where else to put it ;) perhaps it adds the rustic feel?...)

Running a bath
Running a bath is an obvious one. Are you a bath or shower kinda person? I like both, but always have a bath when I'm relaxing. Usually I'll pop in a lush bath bomb (my favourite one at the moment is) but they had all run out so I used the I love... strawberries and cream bath bubble. Jo Malone is such a gorgeous bath brand, but the prices are unfortunately not within my budget. As much as I'd love a Jo Malone bath and shower gel, the Lush "Olive Branch" shower gel is INCREDIBLE and so similar at a fraction of the price. I didn't like the idea but when I got a small bottle of it as a present,  but when I tried it I fell in love. I completely recommend it, and don't judge it by its smell in the bottle. (It smells completely different out of its bottle)

Light some candles
Candles around the bath always add such a sophisticated feel. I love watching them flicker and they're so relaxing. Just be very careful not to knock them over, be sensible where you put them. The ones I've got here are Yankee "Black Cherry" and Lily-Flame "Silent Night".

Whilst in the bath, I always like to pop on a face mask. Right now I'm liking the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. After using it my face always feels so moisturised and super soft, and completely un-oily/greasy (I think I've just made a new word) The little sponges it comes with are always so fun to use too ;)

Paint yo nails
(Excuse the horrific flash on some of these pictures, it wouldn't show the glitter unless I turned flash on) After a warm bath, I usually paint my nails. This time I picked a light pink undercoat in Rimmel London Rita Ora 203 "Lose your Lingerie" and then a lilacy glitter topcoat in Topshop "Razzmatazz" which I'm pretty sure I mentioned in my A/W nail favourites. I love the dusky, girly look it creates.

Put on a onesie/fleecy pj's
I spend way way way too much time in my OnePiece Onesie. Way too much time. It's just so comfortable! It's laced with fleece inside but has some insulator material inside too just to make sure you don't get too hot or too cold. It has a zip right from the crotch area to the tip of the hood, which means you can zip your head right up. (This provides hours of amusement for toddlers)

Have a hot chocolate/drink
About this time I settle down with a hot chocolate. (If you've had a particularly hard day at work and you're old enough, you can always substitute this for an alcoholic beverage...) I love drinking hot creamy drinks after a bath and hot chocolates are my favourite. If you want an extra creamy and delicious hot chocolate, add the tiniest dash of double cream.

Watch some TV/netflix
And what is a evening without Netflix?! I'm just a little addicted to Netflix. I definitely recommend subscribing, it's so worth the money.

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Esme x

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