Wednesday, 3 December 2014

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First up, the roll neck mono print top. Sigh. I have yearned for this one for too long. It's so simple yet stunning and makes a statement without killing your eyes. I think the way they've paired it with a black pleated tennis skirt is just genius.

The pastel hearts on the smock dress are cute. I feel that although it first seems super summery and a little too pastely but the pink background is so light I think it could definitely work as a winter look, just with a pair of sheer black tights underneath. Some pixie boots and perhaps a little gold chain necklace would look so great with this. I saw it first on one of Zoe's blogposts, and really didn't like it, but it grew on me so much! It's not my usual style but it's cute.

I've wanted a tennis skirt for a while, but the tartan ones from American Apparel unfortunately do not fit into my price bracket. These grid ones are so cool, I love the monochrome. They're also a little less pricey. (It's pretty still expensive though... probelmos) When I first saw it, I was worried it would look a little too "schoolgirl on her way home" because of the (very obvious) pleats, but like the pastel heart dress, it's grown on me. It doesn't have pleats at the front either, only on the sides and the back.

The graphic/printed look is obviously a recurring theme today! This graphic print pug skater dress from Asos is kind of fabulous. I have a  tiny  unhealthy pug obsession and anything with a pug on is practically already in my shopping basket. This skater dress is no exception. Asos is probably my favourite place to go when I'm looking for skater dresses and it never fails. I just love this dress...

A velvet crop is definitely not my usual style but I've decided to be braver in what I wear. (Can I feel a new year's resolution coming along?) I constantly see items of clothing and think "ohmygod that looks amazing but I could never pull it off"and I want to have the confidence to pull it off! I'd wear this lilac velvet crop with a black tube choker, black skinny jeans and pair of creepers. 

As you've probably guessed by now, I love pugs way too much. I've been looking for a sleep tee which is baggy and oversized and could possibly (?) double up as a shirt dress. I think I've found it. My friend told me about it and I searched it up and found it. It's from Minkpink's "Snug as a Pug" mini range. I know that Urban Outfitters sold it but they seem to have sold out, I'm just hoping they restock.

Esme x

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