Monday, 29 December 2014

the word collector

 I'm a bookworm. I own around 250 books and I'm always expanding and tweaking my collection. Other than my first love, fiction, I love arty fashion books, and anything vintagey. Fashion photography has always interested me, and I have a huge list of fashion books I'm dying to get (Paris street style, London style guide and Miss Robin to name but a few... although Miss Robin is a magazine it still counts) and other arty books which I can't wait to get (Somebody give me rookie yearbook please) 

the food photography is beautiful, and it makes me want to hold a tea party with sandwiches and edible flowers and crab choux bites and vintage bunting with gilded teacups and a lamb crown. (Nope, I have no clue what lamb crown is either, but what ever it is, it sounds delicious)

I loved the pictures in this and it's so interesting to have a little insight into her life, but a bit of structure wouldn't have unmissed... I really enjoyed it though, it made me want to meet alexa even more, plus it gave me a ton of outfit inspiration

pugs in costumes - the name says it all really

I know most people would have put their flower fairies away about aged eight, but I love the vintage style and writing.

I love all these paintings, and I love how they really get the busyness of New York through.

As for magazines,  I'm dying to try Frankie and I miss the paper copy of Company :(

What are your favourite arty/interesting fashion books? I want to get a few more and I'm open to everything.

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