Friday, 26 December 2014

urban ears headphones

The I'll start this off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you all for all the support you've given me this year. This blog would be defunct without all of you, and I am so grateful for anybody who's looked at it, commented or passed it on to your friends. Today I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful pair of Urban Ears which I'll be unboxing/reviewing.







The sound quality is actually pretty good, and they're excellent headphones for blocking out other noises, although if very loud background sound is on, sometimes you get hints of it. The quality is amazing, they're really well made and beautiful. The cord is fabric and durable, as are the ear buds. The buds are very soft and comfortable. Urban Ears, although expensive, is exceptional quality and these headphones are beautifully. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of mine. Thank you all so much for all your support this year, have a lovely Christmas. 

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