Thursday, 30 October 2014

halloween blood drip nails

It's that time of year... All the unorganised people in the world begin to panic once they realise they have ONE DAY left to get their costume, hair and make up ready for Halloween. I'm here to make your job easier, because these cute dripping blood nails work with any outfit. (Vampire, scary doll, zombie, bat etc.) I had a lot of fun experimenting with different nails for this halloween tutorial and I found these were the easiest and had the best results.

You will need: White nail polish
                         Red nail polish
                         Topcoat (optional, but I used it to prevent chipping)
                         Striper (optional)

Paint your nails 2 coats of white, or until the polish is opaque. Wait until the polish is completely dry before painting 3 or 4 small dots fairly far apart from each other, at different levels on the nails. (Some closer to the tip, others closer to the cuticle) Use a striper or the tip of the nail polish brush to paint a small wiggly line from the dot to the top of the nail, and repeat on each of the dots. Draw a small thin line horizontally across the length of the tip of the nail, and wait until your manicure dries. Then paint a topcoat on to prevent chipping, and ta-dah! A cute but spooky Halloween nail tutorial.

Happy Halloween!

Esme x

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