Friday, 12 December 2014

mini primark christmas haul

I went on a tiny bit of a primark christmas haul. Believe me, I would of bought a LOT more if I wasn't just armed with £6.50! (Perks of primark)

(the first one is from paperchase, my mum bought it but I thought it was too pretty to leave out)

Paperchase - festive ornaments - £8 for 10
These colourful birds should add a bit of sparkle to our tree, as our other decorations are really old and disintegrating. They're a little pricier than everything else (my mum bought these ahaha) but if you like them enough I think it's probably worth it. Also, they're clip on so there's no more twisting fiddly bits of wire around a branch and getting frustrated when it falls off. 3 times. 

Primark - 3 pairs of socks Atmosphere range - £2
These are pretty brilliant. The price was too - only £2 for a pack of three! They might not last me forever but they're perfect to add a little christmas touch. The white trimmings on the santa's heads are made of fleecy material, as is the tiny trim on the stockings.

Primark - Christmas home pillow - £3

This is super soft and I love the design. It's quite understated which makes it a little classier and the back is amazing (made of that lovely fleecy material Primark makes).  It was a bargain at £3 and I think it really adds a little wintery touch to my bedroom.

Primark -  santa toy - £1.50
I think this little father christmas is adorable! He's soft all over and his beard is a little fleecier. I think I'll put him on my windowsill. I really liked him when I first saw him, and bought him straight away despite his (frankly slightly alarming) nose...

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