Monday, 15 December 2014

five festive hairstyles

I've been experimenting with fancier, more complicated hairstyles recently and I've come up with a few I think you'll love. There are a few more playful ones mixed in if you're not one for the twisty braidy type things. (You can tell I'm a hair expert haha) All the tutorials I've found online are linked in the title if you feel like giving them a go.

Subtle Twist Side Braid 

I love this style. I think it's so understated and classy. The little twist that leads into the braid makes it a little more feminine and pretty.

Braid into bun

This bun is a beautiful updo look. I love the casual, messiness of it, and the braid going into the bun is a  really nice way of adding a bit of extravagance to the style.

I love the way that french plaits have been reintroduced to the hair world, and now they're not perceived as just acceptable for schoolgirls. I think that they're playful and pretty, a bit of fun for an outing. They're also really practical.

 Halo Braid

This is such a delicate, pretty style. I think it can go with anything, and I love the way the braids wrapped around each other make it look so complicated and fancy.

I love this one, it might even be my favourite. The boho look of the french plait completely changes the whole style, and I love how sophisticated it looks.

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Esme x

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