Thursday, 13 November 2014

holographic heart-to-hearts

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Iridescent metallics. Ugh. I spend hours looking at beautiful shiny reflective silvery shoes and bags but still don't have any iridescent accessories in my wardrobe. I really want something holographic in my wardrobe, but can't find anything in my budget, so I scoured the internet and shops for cheaper items nd found the ones below. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to be turn up to any events in head-to-toe silver anytime soon, but I love tiny touches of holographic to outfits, like clutches.

(from top left, reading left to right)

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1 - A Holographic laser backpack from American Apparel - Kinda fallen in love with this. The price isn't quite as pretty but I think if you love it enough, it would be worth it.

2 - A croc make up back from Topshop. Quirky and a bit of fun. I liked the crocodile skin texture.

3 - Sandals from Asos, in the HAT TRICK range - A bit "out there" but playful and shiny I like it!

4 - Double zip boxy purse from Topshop - I really liked this fun little purse, perfect to add a little colour to an otherwise boring bag. I've heard the strap comes in really useful too..

5 - Triangle pouch bag from Topshop - You'd have to be quite brave to wear this one I think, but I absolutely love it. I know it's had quite a lot of press recently (most commenting on its unusual shape) but I thought I'd feature it anyway because of how different it is. It looks amazing on!

6 - Small carry-on pouch from American Apparel - I thought this would be good as you can use it as a clutch, make up bag and purse - it's really versatile! It is a little more matte in colour than the other items, but that's great if you aren't quite ready for a full on iridescent rucksack yet.

Do you have anything iridescent or holographic?

Esme x

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